This page will be the home base as I explore and use the programming language, R, to play with, manipulate, and draw conclusions from the data I assembled for my dissertation and current manuscript project, “In Dependence: Women’s Protection and Subordination as Power in Early America, 1750-1820.

By employing R, I will be able to take raw data which I have compiled in excel databases and turn these collections into data that I can use and manipulate. Likewise, I will use OCR and text-mining software to observe linguistic patterns over time and space in my sources so that I can better quantify the analysis I have done from analog reading. These tools will be useful for drawing conclusions based on statistical analysis and modelling and in addition to generating tables, graphs, and other charts to supplement my writing. Like any other digital tool, these methods are crucial in developing new questions from the data that are not immediately evident from close reading, and my manuscript will benefit from this work.